Endless Innovation · Expectant Future —SEAYU re-innovated in UV curing industry

"A preparation method for UV doublecuring conductive adhesive"-in February 2019, the invention patent from LiBuhui, senior R & D engineer of Yantai SEAYU New Materials Co., Ltd, wasofficially authorized by National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC.  


Throughlong-term unremitting exploration, SEAYU’s R & D engineer summed upexperience from numerous experiments, finally overcome the difficulty of poorbonding effect for UV-thermal double curing conductive adhesive with lowsurface energy substrate among current technology. The adhesive that we developedhas the characteristics of low surface tension, good wettability, good surfacedryness, good toughness, excellent resistance to moisture and heat and hightemperature resistance, etc. It realized another breakthrough of scientificresearch work in new material industry! This patent has completed scientificand technological achievements transformation, and was successfully applied to UVcuring adhesive production in Yantai SEAYU New Materials Co., Ltd. 


Allcolleagues of Shanghai Tianyang Group congratulate engineer Li Buhui for hisachievement! We believe that SEAYU R & D team will create more outstandingaccomplishments in the future!