​JCC-PA series are thermoplastic Copolyamide in granule and powders of different particle sizes. Because of its high bonding strength and good chemical resistance, CO-PA hot melt adhesives are very widely used for textile lamination. It is often used in the bonding of textiles, leather, foam, paper, metals and polymers for electrical, mechanical, automotive, furniture and other industries.

Features: Excellent water wash resistance, dry cleaning resistance, solvent resistance, high &low temperature resistance. Different grades can be provided for extrusion, injection, blowing processes.  Application temperature from 80 ° C to 210 ° C.



●Clothing interlining

●Leather, shoe

●Heat transfer printing

●Hot melt yarn


●Aumobile interior

Technical Data

Melting Range DSC (℃)
Melting Flow Index g/10 min, 160℃
Press Condition
Washing Temperature (℃)
Dry Cleaning
Temp (℃)
Press (bar)
Time (S)
JCC-PA6150 122-128 27-33 135 1.0-3.0 14 P、G 40 Yes The best choice for the high quality interlining, with very good washing and dry cleaning performance,to improve the initial peeling strength
JCC-PA6200 110-120 27-33 130 1.0-3.0 14 P、G 60 Yes With better bonding strength, water washing above  60 ℃, suitable for the normal enzyme wash
JCC-PA6300 125-135 27-33 140 1.0-3.0 14 P、G 90 Yes Resistance to 90℃ water wash and better enzyme wash
JCC-PA7400 115-132 27-33 135 1.0-3.0 14 P、G 40 Yes Economic hot melt adhesive powder, with good performance for wide applications
JCC-PA6106 100-110 40-60 120 1.0-3.0 14 P、G 40 Yes Comparatively low temperature with good water wash
JCC-PA7200 122-128 27-33 135 1.0-3.0 14 P、G 40 Yes Popular hot melt powder with best price and good performance
JCC-PA9801 110-120 25-30 130 1.0-3.0 14 P 40 Yes Economical hot melt powder, with good performance of water wash


1.The technical data is based on our typical product and not stand for our insurance for this product. Please consult with our sales and service Dept for details of product.

2.Specification: 0-80um for paste dot, 0-120,0-160,0-170um for powder dot interlining; 80-170,80-200um for double dot interlining; 125-200,150-250,180-420um for scattering process; Special particle sizes could also be customized upon customer requirements.

3.Form: P: powder G: granule