Shoe Material  Application

JCC hot melt adhesives are widely used in shoes leather/mesh press bonding, compared with traditional sewing process, its bonding fastness is stronger and appearance is more beautiful. It is suitable for PVC, polyester, blended, pure cotton, nylon, cloth/leather, etc.


● Mold proof, breathable, environmental protection;

● High peel strength, strong adhesion;

● Easy shaping, good resilience & toughness, wearing resistance;

● Waterproof, washing resistance.

JCC hot melt adhesive powder is one of the raw materials for hot shaping cloth. Usually, customers scatter 40-80 mesh powder evenly on fabric and it will cure on the fabaric at room temperature after heated in the oven. Hot shaping cloth is used to bond leather products (leather shoes, handbags, etc.) without surface treatment to achieve good bonding effect and maintain firm shape of the interlining products. It also overcomes the defects caused by traditional adhesive bonding of surface wrinkling since leather´s tight appearance and soft inside.

JCC hot melt adhesive granule is one of the indispensable raw materials for hot melt adhesive counter support and high gloss. Compared with the ordinary ones, hot melt counter support has good elasticity, non deforming/wrinkling, light, quick curing, etc. High gloss is widely used in leather shoes/bags since its good fastness and brightness.

Application Area 

Leather shoes, sports shoes uppers, insoles (Hi-poli, osolet, EVA slice, PU slice, natural leather, various leather materials, cloth).


Adhesive Features

Low cost, strong adhesion, washing resistance, mold proof, breathable, environmental protection and easy shaping.


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