JCC film adhesives are produced with or without release paper,, which can be conveniently operated by continuous or intermittent process. Based on the experiences and advantages in hot melt adhesive raw material, JCC developed a full range of film adhesive by different processes: spraying, casting, coating, blowing to meet the requirement of different applications.

Applicable Material
PES Adhesive Film Excellent washing resistance. Metal, ceramic, fabric, wood, plastic
PA Adhesive Film Good resistance to heat, cold, oil, chemical, mediums. No smell, no spot, fast curing Leather, fabric, plastic, metal
TPU Adhesive Film Good flexibility and mechanical properties, suitable for high speed automatic production, safe and environmentally friendly Leather, fabric, plastic, metal, Glass
EVA Adhesive Film Outstanding adhesion, softness, heat mobility, cold resistance EVA has large cohesion force and low surface tension, thus has thermal adhesion to almost all substrates.
PO Adhesive Film odorless, non-toxic, good resistance to cold and chemicals Mainly used for packaging paper, carpet, aluminium-plastic panel



●Reflective Material

●Laser Firing


●Shoes Material

●Conductive Fabric

Technical Data

Item No. F801


F918 F907 F917 F9201 F9203 F901 F901T F505 F506 F701 F601 F603 F6202 F6201
Release Release Paper No Release PE Transparent Film PE Release Film Release Paper No Release No Release Release Paper PE Release Film PE Release Film
Melting Point 98-115 90-110 90-125 90-125 95--130 85-105 65-80 115-130 110-120 115-130 120-130 110-120
Press temperature 140 150 150 150 150 130 130 140 140 150 150 140
Washing Resistance 一般 一般
Thickness 5-20 4-10 4-10 4-10 5-20 2.5-10 10-20 5-20 5-20 5-20 4-10 4-10