Shanghai Tianyang 2019 Spring Festival & 2018 Outstanding Staff Commendation Meeting

On the first working day of 2019, colleagues coming back from all parts of China gathered to celebrate Spring Festival. Tianyang 2019 Spring Festival Annula Meeting & outstanding staff commendation meeting was held in the celebration of cheers.


▲Chairman, Li Zhelong New Year's Speech

From 3 factories in Shanghai, Nantong and Kunshan, Tianyang people from different departments and wall cloth direct stores showed rich and colorful talents for their beautiful singing, dancing, excellent creativity and acting skills, and oppening 2019 new journey with vigorous and positive performance.




Cross Talk/Fashion Show 

Dancing/Short Act 



Meanwhile, the meeting also recognized the employees with excellent performance and special contributions in 2018, acknowledged their efforts, praised their strivers spirit, and called on everyone to continue to work hard, unite, innovate, fight and achieve the new goals in 2019.


Awarded Team