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​With the improvement of people´s life quality, it is a trend to replace traditional stitching with hot bonding technology in garment industry. The characteristics of its non sewing, waterproofing, hot pressing, water resistance and dry cleaning have attracted rising attention. It is quite important for suitable adhesive to match and realize various requirements, and adhesive thus becomes an indispensable auxiliary material for garment production.

1).Non-woven/woven Interlining

Adhesive interlining usually has non-woven/woven form, fabric surface is evenly coated with hot-melt adhesive powder. Tianyang provides copolyester powder (Co-PES), copolyamide powder (Co-PA), polyurethane (TPU), polyethylene (PE), EVA and other products to meet interlining coating needs. Powder scatterting, dot transferring, starch dotting and webbing can be used for fabric coating.

2).Heat Transfer Printing

The hot melt adhesive powder used in heat transfer printing industry has good fastness, high peeling strength, excellent stability, water/dry washing resistance and so on. It is suitable for leather, cotton, wool, linen, polyester, lycra and other fabric materials.


Compared with underwear produced with traditional process, one piece bra and seamless underwear are comfort while good shaping, it is natural shaping, fitting, comfortable and traceless. Hot pressing technology is gradually replacing traditional sewing process. JCC hot melt adhesive granule, web and PUR products are suitable for underwear hot pressing process. Adhesive features: strong fastness, washing resistance, breathable, environmental protection and soft.


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