On June 14, 2019, Shanghai Tianyang, located at the production base of Yangkou Port Economic Development Zone in Nantong, held a grand opening ceremony for the new factory. Vice Chairman of CPPCC of Rudong County, Nantong City, member of the Party Group, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Economic Development Zone of Yangkou Pork, Secretary of the Party Committee of Changsha Town, Cai Dong; Chairman of Interlining Materials Branch Association, Shen Rong, and hundreds of guest partners and customers at home and abroad attended the celebration ceremony.

In recent years, along with the increasingly severe environmental protection policy, the environment-friendly hot melt adhesive products will gradually replace traditional solvent-based adhesive, and hot melt adhesive production enterprises now are getting a historic development opportunity. As the only listed company among the environmentally friendly hot-melt adhesive products companies, Shanghai Tianyang has been dedicated to providing customers with a full range of solutions from product to process in different application industries. However, due to the previous production capacity limitation, our development has experienced a bottleneck, and the original production base can not meet the demand for rapid growth of the customers even if the capacity utilization ratio reached 130%. To that end, chairman Li Zhelong started the new production base in 2016. With the assistance of the government at all levels, we created a new Ru Dong speed from land buying to construction, from building to trial production.

At the ceremony, chairman Li Zhelong reviewed the development of the company. From the past growth experience, we realize innovation is the driving force for company's progressing, and standardization is the cornerstone for company's sustainable development. We will build Nantong Tianyang into a highly automated and standardized intelligent new factory and provide a higher level standards for environmental protection and safety in the industry. Later on, Mr. Cai Dong and Mr. Niu Deshun made a speech and gave their good wishes for the future of Shanghai Tianyang.


After the speech, Zheng Renfeng, executive deputy general manager of Nantong Tianyang, led all staff representatives to take the opening oath.

[I swear]

Starting from myself, stay vigilant while in peace;

Adhering to the red line, safety first;

Quality as root, quality as foundamental;

Customer first, service-oriented;

Fulfill social responsibility, assist in developing Ru Dong.

After the ceremony, the leaders and guests visit our new factory. With an area of about 31 acres and annual production capacity of 60,000 tons of hot-melt adhesive material, we are modern intelligent factory with the largest production scale, the most advanced equipment and the highest environmental protection standard in China. The completion of the new production base of Shanghai Tianyang can provide high-quality and environment-friendly adhesive materials continuously and stably, and can also provides a powerful guarantee for the upgrading of the downstream customers.

Along with the official prodution of Nantong New Plant, Tianyang Group has entered a new stage for her grand layout of manufacture transferring and capacity enhancing. Shanghai Tianyang has become the most modernized production base with the largest producion capaciy for hot melt adhesives in China.